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Dow Life Insurance

from Ieuter Insurance Group

Group life insurance rates are based on spreading the risk over a large number of people, therefore making it affordable for the unhealthy. If you can qualify for preferred rates why would you want to subsidize the unhealthy?

If you are healthy there is NOT a scenario that doesn’t make sense for you to opt out of your group life insurance plan. I would be happy to run a comparison and show the difference.

Now is your chance to save money while getting more.

Make the right choice during open enrollment with the life insurance plan that is right for you.

Tired of your life insurance rate increasing? See if you can lock in a fixed rate now!

Top 3 reasons why you should at least go through the process to see if you qualify:

  1. Our rates are locked in for whatever time frame you choose. You can choose any death benefit.
  2. When you retire you are going to have a choice on what type of pension to pick. If you pick the one with the larger monthly benefit, you will need life insurance to protect your spouse. Our policy can be easily converted to a permanent policy protect your pension. Plus, your conversion is done based on your rating classification TODAY not when you retire. Unless you think you are going to be in better health when you retire why would you risk it?
  3. Our policy is portable. You will never have a “gap” in coverage if you change jobs.

For details call Kurt Ieuter at 989-835-6701

Corrie Van Eck