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Reducing Winter Weather Risk

Water damage to your ceilings and walls from leaks caused by ice dams can be devastating. You can avoid or reduce your risk by taking some basic steps.
An ice dam is a build-up of ice at the lower edge of a sloped roof, usually at the gutter. When the interior heat from your home melts the snow on the roof, the water will run down and freeze at the edge. Eventually, the ice will build up and force the water under the roof and into your attic or down the inside walls. You can take these basic steps now to help avoid trouble later:
1. Keep the attic well ventilated. The colder the attic, the less melting and refreezing on the roof.
2. Keep the attic floor well insulated. This will minimize the amount of heat rising through the attic from within the house.
While these 2 steps might not totally eliminate Ice Dams, they will decrease the likelihood that ice dams will form.