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Insuring Modified or Altered Vehicles

Modified or altered vehicles, and motorcycles (including home built motorcycles, and ATV’s) can be difficult to insure, and you need to make sure they are being listed properly on your policy. These vehicles include but aren’t limited to, vehicles such as one with a large aftermarket lift kit and oversized tires designed for off-road use (typical with Jeeps).

Also included is any vehicle extensively modified to go faster than designed from the factory such as a vehicle that was modified for racing or the intent of going fast.  Vehicles with modified suspension or performance may cause an insurance company to deny a claim if they are not properly informed. A list of all the modifications and receipts for them would be a great thing to give your insurance agent to make sure you are covered in the event of a claim. This also applies to any home- built motorcycle, or ATV. The company will go on a stated value coverage for your home-built or modified vehicle if there is a claim. Again, this is why the receipts are such an important part of being properly insured.