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What Factors to Consider When Insuring my Church

Almost all insurance policies will cover the four walls of a traditional church and provide liability protection from “slip and fall” accidents.  However, beyond that, what factors should be considered to provide comprehensive ministry protection?

The broader the reach of your ministry,  the more the demands are upon your insurance agent and carrier to have a package that considers all aspects of risk.  Youth programs, camps, concerts, day cares, international trips, lock-ins, on and off campus each present challenges.  Pastoral counseling and the extended liability of the church leadership such as trustees, deacons, elders all need to be protected.

Outreach ministries for the community such as food pantries, clothing banks, and other benevolence programs need to be taken into account when tailoring a risk management program.  Does your church have a specific program for background checks and a thorough child protective services program to minimize the any incident of misconduct?

Make sure your ministry is proactive, prepared, and protected.  Contact Steve at Ieuter Insurance Group today and ask about our SafeChurch program.