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Winter is Coming

Don’t get stranded in cold weather unprepared.  Safety check your vehicle for the following items:

Battery – fluids – belts, tires for proper tread and tire pressure.  Have a survival kit in your trunk which should include a blanket, shovel, flashlight, jumper cables, emergency food supply.  If you get stuck in the snow or ice--sand or cat litter would be helpful to give you a little traction to get out of a mess.  If you are stuck in a snow bank make sure that you keep your exhaust free of snow so that there is no chance of carbon monoxide buildup in your vehicle while waiting for help to arrive.

Take your vehicle to a mechanic to have the proper maintenance done regularly so you don’t have worry about being stranded on the road.  Also check your insurance policy to see that you have towing coverage on your policy if you ever need to be towed.   Remember that your automobile policy will tow you to the nearest service or repair facility.