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Tips on Keeping Your Basement Dry

1) Focus on prevention. Long before you're in a flooding situation, look around your property for ways to divert rain water away from your home. Important considerations are extending rain gutter down spouts away from your home and making sure the grade of your yard surfaces slope away from your home.

2) Clean the rain gutters in the spring and after all the leaves have come down in the fall. Blocked gutters will cause all of the roof water to dump directly against your foundation, increasing the likelihood of basement flooding.  Extend the rain gutter downspouts well out and away from your home.

3) Install a backup sump pump. The sump pump is your first line of defense against basement flooding. However, the most reliable sump pump available in the industry is still a mechanic device and can fail. A backup sump pump system, preferably with at least a battery-operated pump, configured with a switch device to begin working if the main is out of commission, greatly reduces the chance of flood. Some systems come with additional security features such as an alarm that goes off whenever the battery operated is started.

4) Maintain your drain tiles.  If the drain leaving your house is clogged, you will have a water backup.  This is especially important if you have an older house or have had a problem in the past.  Tree roots are the most common problem.   It’s important to have a company come out every year or two and make sure your drain is in good shape.   It could be the best $100 or so you spend this year! 

As always,  if you have questions on what is covered and for what amount, please call your account manager at Ieuter Insurance Group.

Bring on the warm spring weather!