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'Tis the Season for Potholes

From Auto-Owners Insurance

(1)     The automobile policy requires there to be damage to more than just a tire in order for coverage to be triggered.  So, we cannot just replace a tire.  If there is damage to the rim or undercarriage along with a damaged tire, then we can consider the tire as well.


2.         EXCLUSIONS

 Fire, Theft, Comprehensive and Collision Coverages do not apply to:

g.         tires, unless the loss or damage is caused by:


(1)       fire;


(2)       theft; or


(3)       malicious mischief; or is part of other damage covered by this policy

(2)    Pot hole claims are typically considered an at fault accident.  There are some circumstances that may allow it to be not at fault but that is a case by case basis and considered rare exceptions.   Typically people drive the same routes, know the road conditions and should use caution when traveling those areas.