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What Insurance Policy Gives You the Biggest Bang For the Buck?

If you polled financial planners, insurance agents, CPAs, and attorneys they would tell you, hands down, that buying a personal umbrella is the best form of protection money can buy.  Umbrella policies provide a minimum of $1 Million of protection above and beyond your underlying policies.  The cost is less than an hour of consultation with an attorney.  Think about these few claims examples (we have many more) and call us to discuss an umbrella.

  1.  A  youth baseball manager got sued by the parents of his star player because they thought he over pitched their son and ruined his arm.  An umbrella protected this youth baseball volunteer.
  2.  Joe and his wife decided to host a Final Four party at their home with a few of their close friends.  One of the guests, Angela decided to leave early.  Her husband Larry drove her home but came back to the party.  He continued drinking beer that Joe had supplied.  Larry hit a tree on his way home after the game and was killed.  Larry’s wife sued Joe for supplying the beer to her husband.  Thankfully Joe had an umbrella.
  3. The Smith family was celebrating the 4th of July with friends and relatives at their cottage in northern Michigan.  Mr. Smith, bought hundreds of dollars of legal fireworks to celebrate the holiday.  Unfortunately one of the fireworks misfired and took the eye out of a 4 year old girl.  Guess what?  Mr. Smith didn’t have an umbrella and had to pay a huge judgment out of his pocket.

Don’t let any of these things happen to you.  Call us and learn more about an umbrella.