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Fire Pit Safety

A fire pit could make your backyard a popular hang-out. Outdoor fire pits are the top design feature in outdoor living spaces. Few things are more fun than an evening with friends and family around a fire pit. Before you call the neighbors and grab the s'mores, consider the following to protect your property and avoid possible insurance claims.

When choosing a location, make sure the fire is at least 10 - 20 feet away from buildings, fences, trees or near anything flammable.   If you are building any type of structure on your property, including a fire pit, you should always know your city or town’s building codes and obtain any necessary permits.

Free-standing fire pits can be used safely on cement or tile patios.  Do not place your fire pit directly on a wooden deck.  Bricks or stone slabs should be used to create a fire pad to protect the wood and should extend two feet beyond the fire pit perimeter.   If you are using a free-standing fire pit, make sure that the legs are sturdy.

When using your fire pit, keep a bucket of water, a hose or fire extinguisher nearby while the fire is burning.   Always put out the fire with water & wait 24 hours before you dispose the ashes.