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Updating Insurance Contact Information a Necessity

Is all of your contact information up to date on your insurance policies? For many people, this isn’t something that immediately comes to mind when calling their insurance agency. It is common now to eliminate telephone land lines or change email addresses, places of employment, and cell phone numbers.  When it comes to your policies, updating details is no minor matter and it may be something to consider doing.

Some examples of when updated information is necessary are: filing a claim, chances are that in these situations you are under a large amount of stress. To ease some of this, it is helpful to make sure your current phone numbers and email addresses are on file. This facilitates any communication that may come from our agency and representatives from the insurance company.  Moving to a new location, this could impact the type of coverage you need for either renters  or home owners policies. We do our best to get returned mail to you at the correct address, but sometimes this can also cause issues with billing. Changes with loans and mortgages, did you know that financial institutions get a copy of your policy to verify coverage? Updating this type of information can save you the pressure from banks or lenders when they don’t have current information. Additionally, there are often discounts on policies when loans are paid off.

Finally, there are current happenings. Our agency frequently shares exciting news and we want to include all of you in events and successes. Our staff members are happy to help with any adjustments that will create the best fit for your insurance coverage and personal contact preferences, we are here for you!