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Electrical Safety Tips

Everyday life now includes a heavy dose of electricity to power our beloved devices – from computers to phone chargers. It is a common problem to run short of electrical outlets in the office, home, or workshop. Adding a power strip may help to alleviate the problem, but it is important to be safe and smart about how you are using electricity.


Sometimes people will add a second or even third power strip by plugging it into the original with the intention of being more effective with space. This is a practice known as daisy chaining and is extremely foolish! Daisy chaining will overload electrical circuits and create hazardous situations that will lead to fire and serious losses.


Every year thousands of fires result from the misuse and overloading of power cords, power strips and surge protectors. Don’t let it happen to you! During this Holiday season please make sure you have enough outlets for each cord and do not plug a power strip into another one.


Wishing you and your family safety for the season, Merry Christmas from Your Friends at Ieuter Insurance Group!