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Gutter Maintenance

As winter approaches we have gotten a fortunate break in between the snowflakes to finish last minute preparations. It may be a chilly process but you will thank yourself in the long run! All debris should be cleaned out of the gutters each year. Pay attention to the downspout- water won't drain properly if there is debris clogging it. If this happens, not only will you have mildew and mud, you will end up with sagging gutters.

Do a quick inspection to make sure that all gutters are securely fastened through the fascia board and into the rafter behind it. Also, check for any leaks or holes in the gutters. Any rivets on the downspout need to be secure, check to see if they are loose or missing and replace them if necessary.  If you have older gutters and they are rusting, you may want to consider new ones.

 Don’t forget the splash block – this helps to keep the water coming out of the downspouts from digging a trench next to the house. It also keeps water away from the home's foundation and prevents leakage.

With a little bit of work you’ll have a warm and cozy winter!