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Having a Super Bowl Party? Know Your Risk!

Super Bowl Sunday, since the inaugural game in 1967, has gained the status of a major holiday for Americans. On this day, we eat close to amount of food we do on Thanksgiving and drink the equivalent of 493 Olympic-sized swimming pools of beer. A lot of people host Super Bowl Parties which means that there are risks for homeowners that they may not be aware of. Don’t be one to fumble, take these tips into consideration when planning your way to celebrate a national pastime.

If you’re planning to serve alcohol at your Super Bowl Party you need to be aware that most states have liability laws that hold alcohol-serving hosts accountable for their guest’s actions. Quite often a host is not liable for injuries to a drunken guest, however, as the person providing the alcohol you could be liable in the event of a third party injury. For example: If you have served alcohol to a guest, they then drove while intoxicated and injured another party, you could be on the hook for serious damages.

Check out these tips to reduce your risk of liability as host:

  1. Designated drivers:  Encourage your guests to have a sober driver to get them home. Whether it be by a planned cab ride or another guest who abstains from alcohol, never let an intoxicated guest leave your home in the driver’s seat.

  2. Number of guests:  The smaller the number of people in attendance, the better you can monitor their alcohol intake. If you know a person well it easier to tell who has indulged too much. And, in the case of a friend drinking, it’s better to have them stay overnight than a stranger or acquaintance.

  3. Offer food and beverages:  Drinking alcohol without eating makes it more difficult to regulate intoxication. It’s best to have non-alcoholic options and plenty of food to keep everyone happy. It also helps the mood of the party when guests have chosen not to drink, so they can indulge in other treats.

  4. Stop serving before the end of the game:  This helps to ensure the safety of your friends and family who are driving home. Offer them water or coffee to decrease the effects of alcohol well before they leave the party. It may not be the most popular choice, but it will help everyone avoid dangerous situations.   

  5. Check your home insurance policy: Even if your party is with a few close friends, it’s important to know your areas of coverage and what the limits of your policy are. You may have risk exposures that you weren’t aware of above and beyond hosting the game. Knowledge of your home owners insurance will always be a big win.

No matter what team you’re rooting for Super Bowl Sunday is a great time to kick back and enjoy time with family and friends. If you have questions or concerns about your event, give us a call!