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Winter Safety Tips for Business Owners

As the snow and ice increases there are lots of concerns about safety. Driving to school or work, making sure a roof will hold under the weight, or avoiding getting stuck in a driveway are primary concerns for most people. But what about business owners? It's important to remember that keeping employees and customers safe is a high priority with harsh weather.

Winter-related slip and falls have a significantly negative impact on businesses each year; whether it be from employee or customer injuries. Here are a few tips to help you keep everyone a little safer during these icy months:

1. Encourage employees to wear non-slip, flat footwear

2. Make sure all walkways/sidewalks are clear of snow and have been salted. It is best to monitor this several times a day as the weather can change quickly.

3. Clearly mark all potential trouble/high hazard areas with cautions signs. This includes any wet floors from melting snow.

4. Keep entryway floors as clean and dry as possible

5. When hiring private contractors for plowing and snow removal always require a certificate of insurance from them.

If you are concerned about your business or want to learn more about how to protect yourself, call our office today!