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'Tis the Season for Rec Vehicles!



Spring is in the Air!


With warmer weather comes the process of getting ready for the summer. This includes bringing toys out of storage such as boats, motorcycles, campers, or sports cars. It's important to make sure you have all of the appropriate coverage in place before using any recreational vehicles. If you have questions on what this means, call our office today.


Before using any of these items please make sure to check that they haven’t incurred any damage while in storage.  Once the vehicle is inspected and free of damage it is best to prepare the item for travel this summer by checking tires, lights and signals, batteries, testing brakes and checking fuel and oils. Boat owners - please make sure you have the proper number of life jackets and new emergency signaling devices (flares) for the season.


A few quick reminders to help you have fun while being safe:

Boat owners coverage is only provided for American and Canadian territories or within 75 miles of either. You do not have coverage if there is excessive wear or corrosion, so be sure to maintain your vessel – especially in salt water.


Motorcycles are back on the road. Please look twice and save a life!