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Protecting Our Children's Future Made Easy!

When it comes to our children and grandchildren, can we ever provide them with enough protection? Will they be able to purchase life insurance to cover their future family’s needs if something should happen to them? As hard as it is to think about, it is possible for children to become uninsurable due to illnesses and medical problems such as asthma or diabetes. You can protect their insurability with the Guaranteed Purchase Option (GPO) and eliminate all of these risks. The GPO allows insureds the ability to purchase additional insurance at later ages without proving insurability.


  • Purchase option ages of 25, 28, 31, 34

  • Available on Auto-Owners Whole Life and Universal Life Policies from 15 days

  • to age 33

  • Can choose option amounts ranging from $5,000 to two times the face

  • amount but not greater than $50,000 for each option age


So why take chances with our children’s future? Provide protection for their future today with the Guaranteed Purchase Option with Auto Owner's Life Insurance!