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New Car Outside of Business Hours? No Worries!

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle most people need to work around busy schedules to shop for the right car and then finish the paperwork for the purchase. This means that there are times that you have a new car to add on your auto policy but there isn't anyone in your insurance office to help you.

If you're worried about a car that you are purchasing over the weekend when you can’t get an agent - it's ok! If this is a replacement or additional car, you don’t need to be concerned. Your auto policy automatically provides 14 days of temporary coverage. You will get the broadest coverage that is CURRENTLY on your policy. So if you only have PLPD, you will only get PLPD on your new car. If you have full coverage on one of your other cars or the car you are replacing you will automatically get full coverage on the new one.

Enjoy your new car and call us on the next business day to verify the coverage. PLEASE do NOT rely on the dealership to call - only you are authorized to make changes to your auto insurance. Thank you!