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Vehicle Checklist Before You Hit the Road!

Now that winter is fading away and spring weather in on the way, you’re ready to take a break and hit the open road. But is your vehicle ready to take a long drive? Follow these six helpful tips to make sure your travels are safer and headache free!

  1. Check Fluids - Transmission fluid, oil, coolant and wiper fluid can deplete more rapidly over winter without even being noticed. Make sure they are filled up to the recommended levels insuring your vehicle is ready to operate in warmer temperatures.
  2. Replace Wiper Blades - Removing ice and snow from your windshield all winter long is hard work and wiper blades can become damaged or worn. Replace the wiper blades to ensure that your view is protected!
  3. Check Tires - Always check your tires to make sure there is sufficient tread left to handle wet roads before setting off on a trip. Also make sure the tires are inflated to the proper pressure listed on the sidewall of the tire. Finally consider if it is time for a wheel alignment to keep you driving safer.
  4. Clean out the Interior - Leftover garbage, dirt and a filthy windshield do not make for a pleasant road trip. Plus, the accumulated salt can destroy fabric inside your vehicle. Do some spring cleaning such as throwing away any trash, scrubbing the carpets clean and possibly renting a steam cleaner to get the inside of your car smelling and looking great.
  5. Wash the Exterior - Salt and dirt builds up on your car over the winter and if not washed away regularly can lead to rust, corrosion and damage on your vehicle. Spray off this winter grime with a pressure washer at home or at a local car wash. Make sure to reach all parts of the vehicle including lower spots of doors, under-body and roof.
  6. Update your Auto Insurance - Last but not least requirements on vehicles do not change with the seasons, but it is always worth a second look at your coverage to make sure you are fully prepared for any springtime travels. Make sure this coverage meets your needs for the vehicle and its uses. With the correct insurance coverage you will have peace of mind wherever the road may take you.