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What Every Driver Needs to Know About Potholes

April showers bring....potholes?! As every driver in Michigan knows, one of the least loved parts of spring is the damage the long winter does to the roadways. Potholes can occur in any climate but typically come from snow and ice melting into the pavement. When temperatures drop and the water freezes the expansion forces the road to break apart or shift. The problem really comes when you hit one unexpectedly with your vehicle. Here are some reasons to avoid them at all costs!

  • Wheel alignment and steering issues
  • Problems with suspension - shocks and struts
  • Damage to wheel rims and tires
  • Loosening of the exhaust system

Your auto insurance will replace or repair any damage, but do you want to file a claim? Here are some things to keep in mind - do you have collision coverage? This is the only type of insurance that will cover damage from a pothole since you "collided" with it in your car. What is your deductible amount? If the repairs are minor, it may make more sense to cover the cost yourself if it's less than your deductible. This would also help avoid an increase in auto coverage premiums.

Drive carefully, especially on roads that you are not familiar with. Whether or not you hit a pothole, it is important to report them to your local city or county authorities for repairs. If the poor roadway is a highway please contact MDOT’s dedicated site for pothole reports here or call the Pothole Hotline at 888-296-4546.