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Business Owners, Are You Covered?

Do you have enough limits to rebuild your building if disaster happens? Besides rebuilding, don’t forget there are many additional costs. Debris Removal can be very costly. If there are pollutants or asbestos, it can be VERY costly. What about all the ordinances that have changed since your building was constructed? Do you have to put in elevators, handicap accessible bathrooms, new wiring, add sprinklers, wider doors, etc… codes are changing every day. What if you have to bring in a new sewer line or put your building on city water? What is your limit for Ordinance and Law and the Increased Cost of Construction? Debris removal? Pollution coverage? Will the city or township even approve a new building on your location? Also, do you have enough Business Income and Extra Expense to cover costs while your business is down? It’s the number one reason why businesses fail is not enough Business Income protection. If you haven’t sat down with your agent in a while the time is now - before a disaster happens! Make sure that your policy is written correctly because there are many more coverage exposures to worry about in addition to the value of your building and contents. Let your friends in the Insurance Business help you!