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Roof Claim? Here's How It Works

If you have damage to your roof, you may feel overwhelmed with the stress of filing an insurance claim and repairs that need to be done. We're here for you! To avoid possible frustration here is one thing you may hear from an adjuster.

"This portion of your roof is damaged, so the policy will pay to replace only this part." This could cause concern for some - over shingles matching or other reasons - but there are things to remember. For instance, think from a perspective as if you didn't have insurance and/or money to replace the entire roof. A majority of people would simply fix the damaged section alone. This wouldn't be a cause to worry since the rest of the roof is already in fine condition. It would be a relief to know everything is in good shape again. Insurance coverage is designed to make you whole versus bringing you ahead of where you were.

A positive is that in a time of need the insurance company is there to support you and relieve worry about further damage to your home. If you are in a situation like this and need help understanding the process, please call our office. Our staff is always on hand to help you.