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Ieuter Insurance Group vs. Insurance Company

One question we frequently hear is "What's the difference between Ieuter Insurance Group and my insurance company - aren't you one and the same?" We are here to clear up the difference and explain why it's great to have friends in the insurance business.

Ieuter Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency that works with you, our insured, to obtain and maintain your insurance protection. We do this by working with the various insurance companies that we represent. We have the ability to compare premiums and set-up the initial policies for you. We are always here to answer questions you may have on coverage, billing, and company procedures. We also do all manners of service for your policy, including changes to coverage, and guide you through the claims process with the insurance company in the event of a loss. We are your advocates!

The insurance company is the entity that underwrites your insurance policy and issues any payments for claims. Once you have an insurance policy in place, the contract you have is with the insurance company. Sometimes there is information that the insurance company sends directly to you for your attention. Some examples of this documentation are copies of your insurance policy, notification of changes or cancellation, billing information, and so forth. The insurance company might also be requesting information from you or notifying you of upcoming bills that are due. It's important to read the mail that comes from the insurance company! Sometimes without a response on these items your insurance protection could be in jeopardy.

If you have any questions regarding documents you receive please contact us. We can review the situation and make sure that your coverage remains for your protection - we are here to help!