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Safe Driving Tips for Fall

Fall - like all seasons - is full of it's own unique driving safety hazards. It's important to take precautions to make sure that we all arrive at our destinations safely. One thing to remember is to not break hard on leaves. They tend to be slippery, especially after a rain storm. If there are a lot of leaves on the road they can cover up lines and other markings so be aware of where your lane is. In residential areas, people often rake their leaves onto the side of the road for pickup. Do not drive through these piles of leaves! There may be animals or other unseen hazards underneath the piles.

Here are some additional tips from the folks at

1. Avoid sun glare: if you commute to work or school in the morning, be careful on East/West roads. The sun falls into alignment with these and can easily blind drivers. Keep sunglasses in your car and don't be afraid to use the visor in your car to block out the extra rays.

2. Use your rain smarts: always keep a safe distance between your vehicle and any in front of you. On slick roads you can hydroplane unexpectedly and that extra car length can save you from an accident.

3. Be careful on bridges: as the weather cools ice will begin to form on the roads. Early in the season, this will typically happen on bridges first from early morning frost.

4. Let your eyes adjust: we lose 1 to 2 minutes of daylight daily after the autumnal equinox according to the National Weather Service. After leaving home or the office and before hitting the gas petal, give your eyes time to adjust to the dark, this can take around 2-5 minutes.

5. Watch out for deer: the time of day to be extra cautious is sunrise and sunset - this is when deer move the most frequently.

6. Make sure your vehicle is in good shape for travel: check your tire pressure - the pounds of pressure will change with cooling temperatures. It's also a good idea to check/replace your windshield wipers and headlights.