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Airbnb: Are you Covered?

Airbnb has made home sharing a popular for many travelers. If you are not familiar with this website, it is a place for people to list their homes, apartments, cabins, etc. to rent for short periods of time. If you have ever thought about joining this home sharing trend you should take a moment to review your insurance coverage.

Many homeowners’ insurance policies exclude coverage for business purposes in the home. Discuss obtaining a business policy with your agent. Liability on a business policy can protect you if a tenant should get injured while staying at your property. You will also want to include property coverage for any damage to your premises that may occur or if any of your personal items go missing.

An umbrella policy is another type of insurance policy you will want to review with your agent. Umbrella insurance polices provide extra coverage that kicks in if you should exceed the limits on your standard policy.