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Ladder Safety: Reduce Your Exposure on Workers' Comp!

We often use ladders around our home and in our workplaces without thinking twice since they are such an essential help in getting many common tasks accomplished. However, if you're a business owner you may have some added exposure for injury if you don't stress the importance of safety to your employees. Even a simple lesson can save you a lot in the long run! Here are some tips that we think are useful to keep everyone safe and on the job:

1. Make sure there are three points of contact with the ladder at all times - this would be the two "feet" and the ladder itself leaned against a steady surface. Make sure the surface you're on is level.

2. Climb the ladder slowly to make sure that the points of contact are secure and to avoid losing balance.

3. Try to avoid leaning over the ladder by staying in the center. This will keep your weight distributed more evenly.

4. Clean off the soles of your shoes before climbing to have the best grip on the rungs of the ladder.

5. Make sure you have the right sized ladder for the job. For example, using a short ladder to get to a roof would increase the danger of falling over while climbing and increases the chance of a fall when coming down.

6. Don't use a metal ladder near electrical lines or during a storm.

7. Stay off a ladder if there are high winds around you and always keep them clear of doorways.

8. It's best to have a spotter hold the ladder while you climb and are at work. They can hold the ladder steady and let you know of any potential danger.

If you're looking for other ways to ramp up your safety talks, please let us know! We have many tools and resources at your disposal.