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Lakeside Living: Are You Covered?

Living lakeside provides a soothing place for rest and relaxation, where friends and wet towels are always welcome. It also provides unique insurance needs - these are not essential to all homeowners but do need to be taken into consideration whether you own or are looking to buy a home by a lake.

The good news is that Auto Owners now offers a special endorsement for lakeside property owners! This broadens your coverage for specific lakeside property such as docks, seawalls, kayaks, boat lifts, and more. It will provide protection from damage to lakeside permanent structures caused by freezing, thawing, pressure or weight of water or ice, whether driven by wind or not. It extends coverage to damaged lakeside personal property caused by weight of rain as well. It includes special limits to watercraft including the equipment, accessories, trailers, and outboard motors for your water toys.