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Worried About Water Backup? You Should Be!

Even though the Groundhog saw his shadow, spring is just around the corner and that means the spring thaw. This can pose a potential hazard for homeowners as the thawing of winter snow and ice combined with the warmer temperatures and heavier rainfall can be a threat to homes with basements. Sump pumps can become overwhelmed by the increased amount of moisture or fail to keep up causing overflow. Major damage can be caused in a very short amount of time!

Key things to pay attention to:

- For the outside areas surrounding your home’s foundation you should keep an eye out for water build up. Make sure any gutters, downspouts, sewers or septic tanks are not clogged and/or have pooling around them.

- If you notice any issues it's best to take care of them quickly. During the spring thaw things can escalate rapidly - it may only take a day or two for major damage to begin.

- If you do experience any water backup use a service provider to remove the water. Once the floor is dry you will need to dehumidify the room to prevent mold from forming.

- Be sure to clean the floor thoroughly as backup waters contain harmful bacteria.

- After you have secured the cleanup of your home, the final step is address the original cause of the back up in order to repair and prevent a recurrence.

Now is a good time to call your Friends In the Insurance Business! It's best to discuss whether or not you have water backup protection on your policy and if the limits are enough to meet your needs.