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Potholes: What It Means for Coverage

We all have the experience of "the cringe" after we hit a pothole in the road, hoping against hope that no damage has been done to our tires or the body of our vehicle. Sadly, the end of road damage is not in sight as the tough Michigan winters continue to wreak havoc on our roadways. Here is a little advice on the topic - it may seem like common sense but we frequently hear these types of questions.

1. Try to avoid potholes. If you have liability only insurance (PLPD) on your car then you will have no coverage for any damage.

2. Damage to your vehicle resulting from a pothole will be covered if you carry collision insurance.

3.If you file a claim most auto insurance carriers consider pothole damage an at-fault accident.

If you have a situation that you're unsure of in terms of damage or turning in a claim, please call our office today!