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School House Rock: IIG Edition

Yesterday the American Health Care Act (AHCA) was passed by the House of Representatives. This is causing quite a stir already so we want to make sure you stay well informed of the next steps for this piece of legislation. The AHCA is now up for a Senate vote. There are several steps that will take place before we see the Senate take a vote.

1. It will be referred to the appropriate committee. The committee can send the bill to a subcommittee for review, hearings, and mark-up. If the subcommittee does not report on the legislation, it dies. If the subcommittee reports the bill back to the committee, they can further review the bill.

2. Once this is complete, the committee can either vote on it or take no action which would again result in the death of the legislation.

3. Should the bill pass the committee vote a report will be drafted which contains the intent and scope of the legislation, impact on existing laws and programs, position of the executive branch, and views of dissenting members of the committee.

4. Should the AHCA make it to this point in the process, it will be put to a vote in the Senate.

Our benefits team continues to stay on top of the unfolding events and wants to reassure you that until further notice, nothing is changing with the current system.