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Furry Friends? We've Got You Covered!

There are times when things happen that cause us to really think, like when you see the dog running with his new prize, one of the uncooked steaks that you were just going to throw on the grill. Or when you watch your cat pull a death defying feat that is worthy of being added to the myriad of funny cat videos online. It’s in those moments we think, “I really need to consider pet insurance”.

Pets are members of our family so it makes perfect sense that they too have health insurance. Pet insurance is a heath insurance plan that covers routine care, illnesses, and injuries of covered pets. It also protects you from unexpected costs of care.

Ieuter Insurance Group and Auto Owners have teamed with FIGO Pet Insurance, a Technology-Based Pet Insurance Company. Go paperless using Pet Cloud and get the mobile app from FIGO, the first cloud-based pet insurance company. Call Ieuter Insurance Group to find out which plan is best for your pet.