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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Well it’s that time of the year again, hopefully for the motorcycle enthusiasts you've been able to get your bike out and start riding! This list is not a complete guide but does provide some helpful safety tips for new and experienced riders alike.

  1. Wear the right gear: Cars have a lot of safety features and metal to protect you from the brunt of most accidents. Those of us on a motorcycle are not so lucky. Wearing the right leathers and especially a helmet can make a big difference in an accident. Also make sure you are wearing a DOT approved helmet when you ride to ensure you have the right protection for your noggin.
  2. Stand out and be seen: While brown and black leather may look cool to you it is quite hard to see by your average motorist. Try wearing neon colors to make sure you are seen. Reflective tape in your jacket can also catch the eye of a motorist and help avoid an accident.
  3. Never Ride tired:Stop when you begin to feel you body or mind starts to feel fatigued. Taking a break can help to refresh you and your reflexes to make sure you are riding your best.
  4. Ride with people you can trust: We know there are those out their whom like to show off on their bike and drive a bit recklessly. Make sure you are riding with a group that knows how to ride safe and that you can trust riding next to you.
  5. Inspect your motorcycle: Always give your bike a good once over before hitting the road. Checking tire pressure, mirrors and lights help to make sure your ride is safer and full of fewer headaches down the road. Making sure you have done the correct maintenance on your bike every year can help insure your bike performs the way you expect when you need it most.
  6. Watch the road: Always make sure you are aware of your surroundings but most importantly what is coming up on the road. Keeping vigilant for road hazards like loose gravel or large pot holes help insure a smooth ride and less chance for an accident.

For all your motorcycle insurance needs don't forget that your friends in the insurance business are always here to help!