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Why Is My Auto Insurance so High?

In the state of Michigan the question of "why is my auto insurance so high?" is often asked. While we do what we can for our clients to keep these premiums down there are a few factors that influence how much we are all paying for coverage. Thanks to our partners at Selective Insurance Company of America we can tell you exactly what these are.

1. More miles driven: Americans drove 3.22 trillion miles in 2016, the highest number on record. 

2. More crashes: There was an increase by 7.2% of accidents with fatalities from 2014-2015. Distracted driving cost 3,477 lives and injured 391,000. 

3. More distractions: 19% of the time, drivers are distracted by a phone. Around 660,000 drivers acknowledge using an electronic device while driving. Texting and driving increases your chance of being in an accident 23 times! On average, 9 Americans die every day from distracted driving. 

4. More expensive auto technology: every new model year comes with advancements in safety features and technology in each vehicle. This is a wonderful thing to protect our lives but the added expense shows up with repairs. For one type of vehicle the cost of windshield and headlight replacement increased by 63% from 2013 to 2017. 

If you're concerned about your auto rates or haven't done a full review of your policies, we'd love to see you! Call our office or stop in to see your account manager.