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Read Your Car For Winter!

Winter is right around the corner so now is the time to get ready for it! Have you winterized your car for the snow and icy roads yet? We have a few quick tips to get your vehicle ready for the roads.

1.) Make sure to take your vehicle in for a general check-up. This can be for things such as your battery life, fluid levels and your heater.

2.) Icy roads mean that you are going to want some new winter tires or make sure the tires you have now are not too worn down. Also make sure to have your brakes checked. The last thing you want is your brakes giving out and not being able to stop on the roads.

3.) Make sure with the snow storms to come, that you are able to see while on the road. Keep your windshield clean, have wiper blades that work, and that your windshield washer fluid is filled.

4.) Last tip is to prepare for the worst case scenario. Make sure to have blankets, food & water, flashlights and road flares in your car. You don’t want to get stuck on the side of the road in the winter and potentially have to wait in the cold for hours. Make sure to be prepared.

Make sure to stay safe and watch out for others on the roads this winter. We love to hear from you anytime but would like to help you avoid claims!