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5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep your Insurance Up to Date

Here's a handy check list to make sure you're properly covered! 

  1. Toys & Vehicles – Did you take insurance off any motorcycles, ATVs, boats, or vehicles in the fall, or never had it in the first place?  Make sure you have liability and physical damage coverage active on that 4-wheeler or convertible before you start to enjoy them for the warmer weather.
  2. Jewelry – New earrings or bracelets you got or gave for Christmas or Valentine’s Day might best be covered as scheduled jewelry.  A standard homeowners policy gives limited coverage for items like jewelry, firearms, or fine art.  Talk with your agent to understand your coverage, and be sure to update appraisals as values change.
  3. New Renovations – Finish the basement over the winter, or planning an addition on the home this year?  Be sure to discuss it with your agent, to be sure you have adequate coverage on the house in case of a fire or broken water pipe.
  4. Liability limits –If you find yourself in an auto-related lawsuit or slip and fall at your home, you always want to make sure your liability coverage is where you want it.  Maybe it’s time for higher limits or an umbrella policy?
  5. Own a Business?  If you’ve started a business out of your home, bought new property for an existing business, or are broadening what you do in your business, time to call your agent to make sure you’re covered.