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Young Drivers: What You Need to Know

When should I have my young driver on his own policy? 

 A young driver should have their own policy when they either have their own vehicle or turn 18.  Why?  The reason for this is liability.  A parent or legal guardian is  legally responsible for their child’s actions till they turn 18.  For example, if your 16 year old child causes an accident and injures someone, the injured party can sue the parents since the child is a minor.  If an 18 year old has the same accident and is on the parents  policy both the child and the parents can be sued since the 18 year old is considered an adult.  If the 18 year old has his/her own policy, owned the vehicle, and had this same accident, only they would be the legally culpable party. 

  If you have more questions or concerns, contact your friend in the insurance business.