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Commonly Found Home Inspection Items

Homeowners insurance carriers will periodically conduct inspections on properties that are new with the company. Some have a policy of reviewing in a certain time frame (as often as every 3-5 years) or based on random selection. The carriers do this to make sure everything is in good condition. A report is sent for items of concern noticed upon walking around the exterior of the home. These inspections may seem out of place but are designed to prevent losses and, in the long run, protect homeowners! Here are the most common items that we see on inspection reports:

  • Roof condition: they look for areas that are damaged, have missing shingles, lifting/curling shingles, or are nearing the end of their function. This can include parts of a roof that might have a potential for water damage.
  • Branches touching roofs, ivy or other climbing plants: these can speed the deterioration of shingles, siding, or decks/porch. 
  • Moss/algae on the roof: growth can lead to possible deterioration of shingles which can lead to water damage inside the home.   
  • Missing hand railings, stairs or porch/deck: missing railings, stairs or porch could lead to possible liability loss if someone is injured by falling. 

If you have a home inspection question our account managers are happy to assist! Please call our office for further information.