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Essential Health Benefits: What You Need to Know!

Did you know there are over 15 health benefit available to you for free with your Affordable Care Act health insurance plan? The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that less than 40% of people eligible for these services are taking advantage of them. Some of these benefits include:

  • Annual wellness visit
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol screenings
  • Diabetes and Hepatitis screenings
  •  Immunizations
  • Colonoscopy
  • Mammogram
  • Specialized services for women and children

How can you take full advantage of your healthcare? Make sure you are scheduling your annual physical with an in-network physician. Remember how I said that these benefits are free? Well, you are actually paying for them as a portion of your premium. And, there are some rules that do apply. If your wellness screening reveals any issues, you will likely be charged for treatments and follow-up appointments. You could also be subject to a portion of the bill if your preventative tests reveal ongoing issues. Our best advice to navigate this tricky road is to ask! Your doctor will likely have a good idea of what procedures fall under this category of the Affordable Care Act and if they don’t, your insurance company certainly will.