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Crop Insurance

Crop insurance is a critical insurance policy for farmers to have.  Crop insurance comes in several different forms to cover all the different needs that crops have. Typically, crop insurance is purchased to cover the loss or damage of crops due to natural disasters or a drop in the price of agricultural products. The most popular policy type is Multiple Peril Crop Insurance or MPCI.  Most farmers have MPCI because of the amount of coverage it provides for crops when hit by natural disasters.


MPCI is also a federally supported and regulated insurance policy, and the amount that the farmer pays toward losses is dependent on the value of the specific crop.  MPCI coverage includes more than 120 crop types, but it varies depending on geographical location.  In some areas, certain crops are not covered under MPCI.


Another type of crop insurance is Crop-Hail Insurance. This policy is protection specific to hail damage and is essential if your farm is in an area where hailstorms are prevalent. Crop-Hail insurance is most often a supplement to MPCI, if it’s needed and is used to cover high-yield crops for the season.


Crop Revenue Insurance is another supplement that farmers might add to their MPCI policy. If the farmer’s crop for the year has a low yield or the price on that crop drops, this insurance will protect the farmer’s yearly earnings from taking a dramatic dive.


Crop Insurance is important coverage for all farmers.  Please consult your agent for more information.