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Cannabis Insurance

from Ieuter Insurance Group

Cannabis Operations Insurance

As the cultivation, processing, sale, and use of cannabis becomes legal across the country, business is booming in the cannabis industry. If you want to start a business related to cannabis, whether it’s a hydroponic shop, cannabis delivery service, or manufacturing business, you will need insurance coverage to protect your investment.

Coverage for Every Aspect of Cannabis Operations

Ieuter Insurance provides specialized insurance policies for businesses operating in the cannabis industry. With our years of experience offering best-in-class insurance products for business owners and individuals in multiple sectors, we have the professional experience to help your cannabis business find the proper insurance.

We work with you to ensure your coverage meets your business needs. Many insurers now offer cannabis operations insurance policies, but you need to pick the plan that’s best for your business. That’s where we come in.

Not every business in the cannabis industry has the same function, so we offer unique packages depending on what your business does in this sector.

Dispensary Insurance

For dispensaries to stay agile and ahead of changing laws and regulations, general liability insurance is usually a must. With cannabis involved, product liability insurance would also be wise for any dispensary to have. As with all businesses, worker’s compensation insurance is obligatory for dispensaries with employees. We’ll ensure your dispensary gets the coverage it needs by looking at the size and complexity of your operation, as well as your history of insurance claims.

Cannabis Cultivation Insurance

Growing crops always carries risks, and cannabis crops even more so. What happens if there’s a fire, or someone steals your crops? If something happens to your harvest and you can’t sell your crops, you need to be covered. In addition to general and product liability coverage, you’ll likely also need crop coverage, equipment coverage, and a property in transit/cargo policy as well.

Insurance for Hydroponic Shops

As a retailer of equipment for indoor cannabis growth, your hydroponic shop should have basic product liability coverage in case of faulty equipment. General liability will also cover your business operations, and property coverage will protect your shop if there’s a fire, theft, or vandalism. We’ll look at your business model, evaluate your risks, and help you select the insurance products your hydroponic shop needs.

Cannabis Manufacturer Insurance

Today, the cannabis flower can be altered into several different products using increasingly complex technologies. Having the right equipment and ensuring it functions properly when you need it to is of the utmost importance to cannabis manufacturers. That’s why equipment coverage, product liability insurance, and a series of property policies will be vital to your cannabis manufacturing operations.

Smoke Shop Insurance

Increasingly, smoke shops are becoming more than stores that sell cannabis accessories. As a retailer, your smoke shop will need product liability insurance. But as a gathering place, where customers may stay and socialize, you’ll need general liability insurance and possibly even umbrella or excess liability policies. We’ll work with you to determine which set of insurance products will fit your unique business.

Insurance for Cannabis Property Managers and Landlords

As a property manager or landlord with tenants running a cannabis business, you may be at risk of a claim denial with conventional insurance policies. Many insurers also won’t provide building coverage if a cannabis-related business is operating in your building. If you want to lease your property to a cannabis business, it’s vital that you work with insurers who understand the coverage needs of the cannabis industry.

Medical Cannabis Insurance

As a medical cannabis dispensary, you may have further insurance considerations to take than a regular dispensary. In addition to general liability, product liability, and worker’s comp, your medical cannabis dispensary may also need crime insurance and data breach insurance. Medical dispensaries can be subject to theft – both physical theft and cybercrime. If your customers’ information gets leaked, they could take legal action against you.

CBD Insurance

The status of CBD is precarious, as the FDA and the Department of Agriculture both claim jurisdiction over its production and sale. If you’re a CBD retailer, you’ll need insurance that keeps you covered even if the situation changes. As a business that falls into the health-risk category, you may require CBD product liability insurance. As a retailer, it may also be compulsory for you to have worker’s compensation and general liability coverage.

Cannabis Distributor Insurance

Distributors oversee the procurement, sale, and transport of cannabis and cannabis products. As a distributor, you have a great deal of responsibility for a complicated process, and a lot of things could go wrong. Protecting yourself and your business will require the right package of insurance products. Liability insurance is a given, but you may also need specialized forms of property insurance such as stock inventory coverage, business income insurance, crop coverage, and equipment coverage.

Cannabis Laboratory Insurance

As a laboratory dealing with cannabis products, high quality and safety are paramount to your operations. You’ll have to cover the equipment you use with property insurance and take out a liability policy for any errors your employees might make. Your cannabis laboratory must be prepared in the event that a product you tested ends up with issues. Our insurance specialists will work with your laboratory to determine which policies will suit your business operations.

Insurance for Cannabis Delivery Services

Cannabis delivery services have become popular, but they may require more coverage than an average dispensary. If you have employees operating motor vehicles to make deliveries, business auto insurance is a must; worker’s comp may not fully cover auto accidents. Your business will also need a way to insure your products once they leave your premises and are in transit. Cannabis delivery services come with different risks, but we’ll help you find the coverage that will let your business thrive.

Insurance for the Cannabis Industry

Thinking of starting a business in the cannabis industry? It’s a growing industry and an exciting place to start a business. As with any business venture, you don’t want to go all-in without insurance. The specialists at Ieuter Insurance will dedicate all the resources necessary to finding you the perfect insurance policies for your cannabis business.


To get started, contact us today and we’ll discuss cannabis operations insurance coverage with you.