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Ieuter Insurance Group

Your Friend in the Insurance Business in Ann Arbor, Michigan

As an Ann Arbor insurance agency, Ieuter Insurance offers policies for health, life, auto, and personal insurance. For over 75 years, we’ve been helping people in the Great Lakes Bay region find their perfect insurance coverage. Ieuter isn’t your average insurance broker, either. In addition to health, life, auto, and personal, we also offer a variety of specialty insurance plans. We’re here to help guide you through life’s many twists and turns.

Our competent representatives in Ann Arbor will always put the client’s needs first. We ensure each of our team members shares our goals and vision in the insurance business. We want to provide best-in-class insurance products and services to residents of Ann Arbor and Michigan. Our vision is a society in which everyone’s cared for, and everyone has the insurance they need to go about life. We’re realizing this vision through each client that we help.

As an independent insurance company in Ann Arbor, we understand what it means to be unique. We don’t expect our colleagues and partners to treat us just like every other insurance agency out there – we’re different. We have a similar mindset for our customers. You don’t want to be handed the same insurance plan as someone else if you know it’s not right for you. That’s why we don’t do cookie-cutter policies as Ieuter.

We tailor each package to each client. Our representatives will spend time learning about you and your situation, so they can make the best insurance recommendation. Our services are always provided on an individual basis, no matter what. Does your current Ann Arbor insurance broker value individuality that much?

Insurance Services in Ann Arbor

At Ieuter, we have a reputation for our specialty insurance. We have a large selection of plans to suit a variety of situations. What are some examples of the specialized insurance we offer in Ann Arbor?

  • Trucking Risk
  • High Value Home
  • Amusement
  • Auto Repair and Body Shops
  • Bars
  • Horticulture
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profit
  • Outdoor
  • Restaurants
  • Travel
  • Group Captives
  • Transportation

How do you know what kind of policy you need? You can read about each of our specialty insurance products on our website to get an overview of the coverage. You can also contact us to ask questions, or submit a request for a free quote via our website. When it comes to insurance, planning ahead is always preferable. If you have even one question about a new venture and whether you might have risks and liabilities, then get in contact with Ieuter Insurance in Ann Arbor.

Outdoor Insurance in Ann Arbor

What is outdoor insurance and who is for? Outdoor insurance isn’t a policy that covers you every time you step outside, it’s a plan for owners running outdoor businesses like nature tour guides, float trip outfitters, hunting and fishing clubs, or horse stables. In Michigan, we’re blessed with beautiful natural landscapes that allow us to escape outside at most times of the year.

The great outdoors is more enjoyable thanks to outdoor business owners who provide recreational activities and services. But to operate these businesses, these owners should have specific insurance to cover them. If not, the rest of us wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the outdoor activities they offer.

Insurance for Auto Repair and Body Shops in Ann Arbor

Auto repair shops require coverage that other businesses don’t. Ieuter has specialized in insurance for auto repair and body shops since 1940. Our garage program started in Michigan but has now expanded to the rest of the United States. Our experts will help you deal with liability related to auto repair shops, like garage keepers, tow truck coverage, dealer blankets, and workers' compensation. If you’re opening up a body shop in Ann Arbor or would like to change your current coverage, we’d be happy to speak with you. You can also request a free quote from our website.

Cannabis Insurance in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ieuter will help you insure all parts of a cannabis business. Ieuter works with you to learn the particular needs of your cannabis operation and pick the best plan no matter what part of the cannabis operation you are a part of. Coverages involve everything from smoke shops and dispensaries to growing, cultivation, and manufacturing.

When you enter the cannabis business or you already are in the business and need to consider insurance plans, contact us. You shouldn't take chance when it has to do with cannabis insurance.

Our Commitment to Convenience in Ann Arbor, Michigan

At Ieuter Insurance in Ann Arbor, we pride ourselves on our commitment to client satisfaction. We’ve stayed in business for over 75 years, operating independently, thanks to our loyal clients. We know that you are the lifeblood of our business, that we wouldn’t be successful without our clients. So we treat each customer like a priority. We ensure excellent service because we want the best for our clients, but because it also keeps you coming back.

In our dedication to your convenience, we established our online service center. Found on our website, this portal has all the links you need to access your insurance products or services. You can file a claim, make a payment, request a policy change, or access our customer services.

At Ieuter, we always take your call, or at least get back to you within 24 hours. But we know you’re busy and since we value convenience for our customers, we made it easy to access our services online, at any time. Keep in mind that we’re always here to answer your questions should you wish to speak with us instead.

To ensure the highest degree of convenience, we launched our mobile app. With it, you can issue certificates, review your policies, or report a claim. We’ve made managing your insurance a breeze. Access your products and services at any time, anywhere, from your tablet or smartphone.

Local Ann Arbor Insurance Provider

At Ieuter, we cover several types of insurance because we aim to be the best insurance broker in Michigan. We want to be your top choice for insurance services in Ann Arbor as well. To that end, we work tirelessly to provide you with top-notch insurance products and services, ranging from life, home, and health to auto and business insurance.

If you have questions about any of our insurance products or would like to discuss the insurance options available in your situation, get in contact with one of our representatives. You can call, email, live chat, or send us a message through our contact form. We’ll always get back to you.