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Social Media and Your Insurance

Everyone knows umbrella liability policies are the best forms of protection money can buy. They respond to protect you above and beyond your homeowners and auto insurance in the event of litigation. But why have they become so popular in the last few years? Two words: social media. Do you use social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? What may be even more concerning -  do your kids?  Do you or they realize the power of social media?  Are you aware that your comments never really truly disappear?

Gossip can be hurtful and damaging. and it can also result in painful lawsuits! People can be sued for embellishing an embarrassing story about someone, writing a bad review of a business, sharing material subject to copyright laws, or a rant about one of their kid’s coaches. What about bullying  or clicking that you like a post that is perceived as bullying?  All bad news that can cost you a lot of time and money.

In short, anyone can sue another person for any reason, frivolous or not.  Regardless of the validity of the suit, you must respond to any legal proceedings. And no, that’s not "fake news." Protect yourself and get a personal umbrella.  It’s get-some-great-sleep-at-night insurance.