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Five Ways to Lower Your Insurance Rates

In today’s economy it is important to keep our monthly expenses as low as possible. While I wouldn’t recommend sacrificing coverage to save a few dollars, there are many ways to keep your insurance cost down.


1. Ask For Higher Deductibles

Although this may cause an issue when it comes to a claim, insurance companies like to see higher deductibles. This will ensure that their customers will avoid turning in many low dollar claims every year. This is a great and easy way to lower your insurance cost.


2.Buy Homeowners and Auto Insurance From The Same Company

 Many insurance companies will give you a discount if you have multiple policies through their company. Ask your agent which companies will provide both home and auto insurance and see if they give a discount for multiple policies.


3. Maintain a Good Credit Record

 Just like getting a loan, insurance companies also have something much like a credit score. One of the major factors in your insurance score is your credit. Insurance companies want to make sure that you are going to pay them on time.


4. Steer Free From Tickets and Claims

 Another huge factor in your insurance score is your driving record and your claims history, so try to keep them both to a minimum.


5. Ask For Other Discounts

 Ask your agent about other discounts your insurance company offers. You may be surprised by what discounts you may actually be eligible for.


These are some great ways to keep your insurance cost as low as possible. Ask your agent about any of these easy tips and see just how much you can save!