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Multi Policy Discounts

Are you paying more than you should for insurance?  Is your agent applying all the discounts you deserve? 


Multi Policy discounts are real and one of the easiest ways to lower your insurance premiums.  When you bundle home and auto with the same carrier, the premiums can be as much as 20% lower. The same can be said if you put all your autos on the policy with the same carrier. 


Too often, we will meet with prospective clients that have their coverage spread between multiple carriers and even multiple agencies.   Bundling the coverage with one carrier will always save money and certainly simplify life.  Another easy way to save with multi policy discounts is to consider a life policy.  Our carriers offer a discount on both home and auto if you have a life insurance policy with them also.  This is a great way to protect your loved ones, and sometimes the policy can even be free!  The discount on the home and auto will often offset the cost of the life insurance premium either partially or entirely. 


There is another reason to have one agency handle all your insurance needs, risk analysis.  When one agent handles your entire portfolio, they can help you assess your risks and help you budget your insurance dollars to get you the coverage that best meets your needs.  Insurance is all about transfer of risk.  The more you transfer to the carrier, the more it costs.  Retaining risk, with minimum coverage and higher deductibles can reduce premiums, but can sting in the event of a large loss or claim.


Work with a trusted insurance professional to get the best coverage for you unique situation.