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Driving in Heavy Rain

Getting stuck driving in heavy rain can be scary.  It’s hard to break quickly, and your car could hydroplane. Here are some tips for driving safely in a rainstorm. 


  • Turn on your headlights-Rain reduces visibility, making it harder to see approaching cars and judge distance.  Having your headlights on (not bright lights) will help others see you more clearly.  


  • Slow Down-You should always drive at or below the speed limit when it’s raining, especially on the highway.  This could help prevent hydroplaning and braking will be easier. 


  • Increase the Distance between you and the car in front of you. 


  • Don't turn your hazards on-Hazard lights signal your vehicle is stopped and can be confusing for approaching cars. 


  • Stop-If you feel unsafe driving in any type of weather, pull over and stop driving.  Find a parking lot, gas station, or restaurant and wait out the storm.