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Headlight restoration

Have you noticed a cloudy film over your headlights? This is quite common and is part of your vehicles natural wear and tear. Have you ever considered headlight restoration? This may sound like an additional expense that one would not think to spend their hard earned money on but is actually quite beneficial! 

Restoring your headlights not only enhances the general aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, but it significantly increases your safety as they reduce your visibility. The lenses of your headlights take a beating and scratches make it hard to see, restoration will remove those scratches. When your headlights are clear not only will you be able to see the road in front of you better but other drivers will be able to see you better as well. Additionally, headlight maintenance lessons the possibility of having to replace them in the future, saving you about $250 each. Headlight restoration is a great investment and may even save you from an unplanned accident. 

Drive safe out there and plan ahead!