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Why invest in life insurance on kids?

Future insurability!  Don’t you want them to be able to protect your future grandkids?  Imagine if something unfortunate happens and they got sick.   Luckily, they get better.  But what if it is a type of cancer, diabetes, etc…where they will never be able to get life insurance to protect their future family or the cost will be too great?  Buy them a policy today and purchase a guaranteed increase endorsement.  This lets us buy additional insurance at set times in their life without proving insurability.  Low cost and great investment.  Also, kid’s policies are whole life or universal life, which means as long as you pay premium, they don’t run out.  On top of it, you can earn cash value that you can cash out at any time.  Buy it for the investment in your child’s future.  Call your friends at Ieuter Insurance Group with question at 989-835-6701