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Fraudulent Worker's Compensation Injuries

Many fraudulent claims can have a significant effect on any type of business even small.  A worker who fakes a disability will impact a companies productivity.  The absence of the worker claiming injuries creates a burden for the business owner and other employees.  Another problem that can arise is the companies experience modification on the businesses insurance rates.  Payments that are issued for workers comp claims may increase your coverage premium.  Know the signs of fraudulent claims.  Here is a list on what to look for after an employee files a claim: 

         Time of Injury, if one occurs on a Monday – Employee may have been injured over the weekend. 

         No witnesses that the injury actually occurred. 

         Employee keeps changing their story about what and how it happened. 

         Delays in reporting the injury. 

         Behavioral problems in the past. 

         If employee has filed claims in the past with prior employers. 

One out of 4 insurance fraud claims in the U.S. is related to workers’ compensation.  Keeping these few tips in mind when an employee claims injuries can help business owners detect if an employee is falsely reporting injuries.