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Protect your packages

What an exciting time of year, the weather is changing, holidays are coming, and the Black Friday deals are everywhere. Don't forget to add that new piece of expensive jewelry to your policy as soon as possible. Adding extra coverage provides peace of mind and extra coverage in case it is stolen. Or, if you decided it is finally time to upgrade that 1991 Firebird to a 2020 Raptor, be sure to call your agent and to get it covered. 

However, if you are more concerned about the custom cat portrait you had commissioned for Great Aunt Helen being stolen from your front porch, here are some tips to avoid package theft:

  • Have packages delivered to your work
  • Buddy up with a neighbor and ask if packages can be delivered there
  • Order packages on Thursday or Friday so they are delivered when you are home
  • Require a signature
  • Use a video doorbell to keep an eye on your packages until you can get home

Call your friends in the Insurance Business today with any questions on getting your items properly covered.