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Which state should I insure my vehicle in?

There has been some confusion on which state should insure your automobile.  If you live primarily in one state (where you are licensed), you most likely have your vehicle titled and registered in that state.  If that is the case, your insurance should also be from that state. 


If you are a “snow-bird” and have a second home in a different state, as well as a vehicle that you keep there, the vehicle should be titled and registered in that state.  This is because the auto is primarily at your second home.  This vehicle should also be insured within the state of the second home.


Auto Insurance rates are partly based on the area where your vehicle is primarily garaged.  Every state has different rules and handles coverages differently, so you want to make sure that you are covered correctly in the event of a loss.  The quick rule of thumb is if your primary home is in Michigan, your vehicle needs to be titled and registered in Michigan, and your insurance needs to be from Michigan.

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