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Inland flood coverage on a homeowner's policy

Remember the flood in June of 2017 right here in Midland?  So many were affected!  Auto-Owners insurance now offers an Inland Flood endorsement that you can add onto your Homeowner’s policy which is specifically designed for homeowners in low-to-moderate flood zones.  In the past, coverage with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was very costly for these areas.  This is an affordable way to protect your home and contents in the unforeseen unfortunate event of an inland flood. 


But what exactly is an “inland flood”?  This can be when water carries mud and then becomes a mudflow, when inland waters (such as streams or rivers) overflow and cover normally dry land, or when unusual, rapid rain accumulation, runoff or snowmelt does not drain away or soak into the ground (June 2017 Flood!!!).


Okay, but what is covered?

·         Buildings

·         Contents (including those in your basement)

·         Additional living expenses

·         Debris Removal

·         Property relocation to a safe area


How do I know if I qualify for this awesome coverage? 

·         Contact your Friends in the Insurance Business of course!

o   We can be reached by phone at (989) 835-6701.

o   Or you can email us at info [at] ieuter [dot] com